Intervarsities – so different and unique

After four years in college, I've been to five intervarsities events, which have been some of the best and bizarre experiences I've ever had. This puts into words some of the experiences I've had and the feelings I've felt.



Spiralling softly, around and around both fast and slowly, towards the ground. A mindless pattern Constant and ever-changing, a spiralling flurry, an infinite moment rapidly ending. The most melancholic of sights, beautiful and fierce, belies it danger, its untold tears. Spiralling softly, mindless and free, this shortest of moments lasting for eternity.  

Eye’s too big

This is rather the literal poem, not sure it really needs an excerpt to explain it? If you read this for some reason, try answer me this: Why is a fish when it swims?


First poem I wrote this year (well physically wrote down). Inspired by a surprise night with a friend, perhaps you'll know who you are, otherwise it's a secret!

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