The blog created, a name finally forged.

Christmas 2016, I had a self realisation that I often don’t do the things that I enjoy, I manage to spend much of my time essentially doing nothing of note, nothing which brings any benefit to my life in any way. Many of the things which had some purpose still featured little of my interest though that’s not to say they have no importance. Everyone has tasks, jobs or parts of their life which aren’t something they necessarily love or even like doing, but are still important in the whole of things. What I realised was that I shouldn’t let these things which I don’t love drag me back or limit me, something that I actually have been for the best part of two or three years . So I suppose that’s where this blog comes from..

What inspired me towards this realization was the fact that I suddenly had some free time, something that I hadn’t had much of with a busy college semester. From that free time came an opportunity to draw and to write, to practice something creative and with that came a feeling of fulfillment a feeling that I had missed for a time. For New Year’s I decided to make a resolution that I wouldn’t let that happen again, that regardless of how busy and stressed I happen to be, I will still make an effort to doing something different; to try be creative through writing or drawing or some other means. My intention from that resolution was to incorporate a blog in some form or another, putting my more well considered writings or ideas up for others to read and consider (well at least put them in a place where that could possibly happen).

It’s now nearly half way through March and I’ve actually created a blog, it’s all smooth-sailing from here… right?

“But wait.. you said you made this resolution at the the start of January, so what gives, why is this the first I’m seeing of this blog? What’s your excuse?”

Well coming up with a name has been damn hard, or at least that’s my excuse, and I’ll be sticking to it. One of my first writings after making the resolution to.. well.. write, was a brainstorm of naming ideas, trying to find something which would fit the content but also something quirky which I felt would represent the kind of person I am, Easy! Or so I thought.. Half an hour of writing this and that, trying one name or another, then trying to amalgamate them together into something comprehensible, something easy that would roll of the tongue. Nope. Nothing. The most prominent words coming to mind being mindless, random and spontaneous, nothing that would inspire any real interest or curiosity – 😉 – instead just vague descriptive words for a blog.

Now while I have only just created this blog, I have still been writing, specifically to Facebook, where some people have taken note of what I’ve been writing, to the point where I’ve had friends say, “Would you start a blog already?”, and even try come up with names for themselves. For some reason “Dwaneandonly” – has been the most popular name thrown about between them, thinking that this is a purely original name and no one has ever thought of it before, a simple google search will straight away bring you to my brother’s twitter account who uses this very name as his twitter handle, and has done for at least the last 2 years. Why is this name even in consideration? Well it’s a simple enoguh play of words with my name, which is then phonetically pronounced as “The one and only”.

I got to the point of desperation where I decided to just name a blog after whatever came to my mind, so I named one as “sleepyfoxes” as I have a drawing of sleeping foxes in my room, a truly inspired name.. Though after creating it, I really wasn’t happy enough with the name to actually actually use it for my blog. In not coming up with a name I said “Tis slow going” to which I got the response – “That’s perfecct!”, not quite though unfortunately.

Tonight I decided to give it yet another think through, putting my thoughts together on what I actually intend to write about. I want to write about anything and everything, whatever I come across in my day to day life that interests or inpires me, this is most often the people I meet and talk to, the places I go to and pass through, the activities I partake in and emotions I feel and what causes them. One of the words that came to mind was curious, I think this is a word that is quite applicable to me (and probably everyone but shhhh…). And with that word came the blog.

Naturally the word curiosity is highly associated with the term “Curiosity kiled the cat”, and that was my first thing to check, is by some bizarre chance available? Well a quick googling showed me that the URL is available for a mere $25000 dollars, so obviously I went out a and bought it, at that price I’d be an idiot not to!

Instead I thought, “hmm why not reverse it all, have the cat instead kill curiosity, whatever that means!”. Also, I think cats are pretty cool, essentially they don’t give a shit and do whatever the heck they want – sit on your face, sleep all day – pretty much the same as what I do. And there I had the name, something that’s not really too serious, capturing a little of what I want this thing to be – a place for discussion, some of it serious, some of it silly, some just me writing purely for the sake of writing.

Now with the name “The cat killed curiosity”, came the thinking in my mind of what does this actually mean, or can I find some meaning to it that I haven’t thought of before (well if I can think of anything, then yes, I’d never even considered the phrase before an hour ago!).

My first thought is Erwin Schrodinger, the guy who thought decided it was a good idea to lock his cat in a box. Well at this stage the cat had already killled  Erwy’s curiosity, so after a while poor Erwy realised his cat had been locked up longer than he intended, to the point where it could have died (must have been a soundproofed box cause cats are loud creatures). Schrod’s no longer having his curiosity and just being a general asshole who wouldn’t practice animal right’s of any sort, was too afraid to open the box and decided, hmm I can fool people into thinking I’m smart, saying “The cat is both alive and dead!” and somehow got people in quantum mechanics listen to his nonsene.

My next thought was focusing on the term curiosity, or perhaps Curiosity instead, taking term as a name. Now Curiosity is the name of the Mars Rover from NASA currently traversing the surface of Mars on a research mission. Rover’s being a type of dog means that historically they are the enemy of cats, or else the cats partner in falling from the sky when the rain is particularly heavy. Enemies tend to fight, so it’s not too outlandish to picture a cat killing a dog in a fight.

Perhaps the cat just got bored and decided it would be fun to kill curiosity and ruin inquisitive thought for everyone.

I guess that wraps up my first post, I’ve finally come up with a name which has taken far longer than I ever expected!. With the blog name comes so more ideas, some things to draw even!

If I found naming a blog so difficult, I can only imagine my future troubles if I happen to have child some day.. Guess I’ll just call them “Boot” (Yes there happens to be a boot in front of me right now).


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