Eye’s too big

I’m sitting here,
I feel unwell.
I’ve eaten too much,
My stomach has swelled.

I decide to cook,
I thought it’d be good.
How stupid I look,
I’ve had too much food.

St. Patrick’s day,
A few hours out.
A few more drinks,
I’d have fallen about.

I really had to though,
The burgers had defrosted,
I was far too concerned
With how much they costed.

After departing the bus,
I truly regret not going to bed.
I got in, not even hungry,
but thought it best that I fed.

Now I can barely move,
Stuffed to the throat,
Pizza or burgers?
Decided I’d have both!

Much like yesterday,
a friend wanted everything.
Today I followed suit,
Nothing left for finishing.

Does this have have a point?
Well no not really.
I’m probably drunk,
and this poem rather silly.


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