Collaboration can be beautiful, how it can create something brilliant from two different ideas.

There are probably countless examples of this in the world or on the internet of this, but right now my mind is pretty blank in that regard. What inspires me for this is /r/place on reddit, a new subreddit which has a created pixelated canvas, each pixel can be placed by separate users, who are then not able to place a new one for another five minutes. I actually find it incredible, the communities working together and against each other, power struggles to get their logo on their and to maintain it, defend it and improve it. MY favourite sections is Temmie appearing on the Irish flag, resulting from two communities initially warring for space but then combining their efforts, giving Temmie a new Irish outfit and flag. This collaboration is beautiful and inspiring, showing that something can be created from two separate ideas coming together.

Of course I am particularly invested in this part being Irish myself, and also having loved Undertale. I was delighted to see the Annoying dog feature upon this map, and then  later seeing Sans and Papyrus appear as well was particularly satisfying. But there’s so much more than is just so cool and interesting, Belgian and German flags combining, the Belgian flag turning into ketchup and mustard bottles which pout upon a hotdog overlaying the German flag. The creativity and inventiveness of some of the creators is just brilliant and inspiring.

I’ve seen a Squirtle evolve into Wartortle as the day has progressed, seen a brilliant copy of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” made, vandalised and then repaired, seen a fantastic attempt at the Mona Lisa as well as countless references to so much which have made laugh. It’s truly spectacular.

Much like Twitch plays pokemon, where a group of people managed to finish the original pokemon by selecting which button would be pressed next in the caht, it’s an example of what good can come from a group of people coming together to create. There is shockingly little on this so far that is even offensive which hopefully highlights how many people actually have good intentions, and I hope the community manages to persevere and remove them as they do arise.

I hope this can show others as well as it has made me aware, just how important it is that people come together and work  together in the real world, having nothing but the best intentions. If on top of that we can be open to ideas and ready to offer ideas of our own which can provide beneficial results to two conflicting groups. These could offer solutions which not only make everyone happy, but also have improvements and advantages over the original ambitions of the two (or more!) groups.

For anyone who wants to see what I am on about, check the canvas out here:


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