Don’t rush, be chill, live life to your fill

Life’s too short to rush, I’m not trying be profound, not aiming to astound more to confound and ..

-OKAY! enough with the rhyming already, this isn’t a damn poem!

Well rhyming shouldn’t be kept solely for poems! Rhymes are interesting, they add fun and enjoyment to sentences almost by accident, their employment setting precedent for further deployment in the next event where–

-HEY! YOU’RE DOING IT AGAIN!! STOP! No one likes a rhymey-wimey mime-killing crime-spree! DAMN IT!! now I’m rhyming. Great. Just darn right great. Happy now?

Oh okay.. I guess I did go a bit far… we don’t want this mimey-crimespree commandeering this entry..

So yeah, life’s too short to rush. I might even have accidentally made my point better through that meandering back and forth than I was intending to do with the rest of this post…

How can life be too short to rush? Surely if something is short you want to make as much of it as possible, and in rushing you get to cram even more in!

As I get older I realise just how much taking ones time can make life so much better, Taking the time to just stop and appreciate the world, the people you are with in the moment that is in it. In rushing you attempt to take control and make something happen whereas your time and seeing where you end up can be far more rewarding. Give in to your desires see where it takes you, It won’t always be good or great or bad but you’ll have done what you wanted and there’s little more satisfying than that.


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