The drunken Croc!

There’s a crocodile flying high in the sky,
plummeting to earth as the miles tick by.

The plane’s doors wide open,
a thrill-seeker of sorts.
He’s jumped from the hold
and forgotten his shorts!

A fishing hat for protection,
A beer can in hand.
“Watch out below!
Who knows where he’ll land!”

The ol’ croc is sentient
and Australian to boot.
following a swig of beer,
he gives the plane a salute.

Starting in the morning,
and all through the night,
the croc has been drinking
from light to light.

Looking for fun
halfway through this bender,
the croc stops for a moment
and asks the bartender.

“Oi, gives me a bee-eer mate,
I’m looking for adventure.
Could ye call up a plane..
Or wallaby.. I’m not sure!”

“Blimey mate I can barely stand!”
Black out drunk as the sun did rise,
he stumbles outwith his cans in hand,
as a taxi comes to the croc’s surprise.

A cloud of dust trails the car,
in the outback in the morning sun,
his thoughts remain at the bar,
no idea of the impending “fun”.

“If it’s adventure you seek,
you’ve come to the right place!”
The croc takes a leak,
holding his hands to his face.

“It’s too facking bright!
It’s too facking hot!”
“Sir please get on the plane”
“Mate, I’m facking not!”

After some persuasion,
and plenty more beer.
Up on-board he went,
him forgetting his fear.

The plane began to climb,
as its engine roared
at its cruising altitude,
the croc watched as it soared.

He had jumped out the doors,
only one thought in his mind,
Flying through the air!
What a great way to unwind!

As he watched the plane,
his stomach churned.
Just inside the door,
Was the beer he had earned!

“Comeback! comeback!
me tinnies are inside!
Please! Please Comeback!”
the croc frantically cried.

Plummeting towards earth,
his last can is draining.
he takes three more gulps,
no more dregs remaining.

His beer all but gone,
his thoughts are explored.
a realisation dawns,
“I’ve left me parachute on board!”

A crocodile was flying high in the sky.
Did he land or did he die?
Did he grow wings and soar up high?
It leaves us with question of how and why?



My friend Sam was bored so he asked me to draw him a sprite.
“A sprite you say? well my dear fellow, what tickles  your fancy? What would you desire to have placed on paper, give me something from which I can inspire.

“Hmm..” said he, “not a single thought there be!

“Well I need a topic, something different (not erotic) to etch my sketch and give me thought, but nought you’ve brought, please give me what I have sought.” I replied.

“How about a penguin saying noot!”

“My dear friend I’ve already drew it! Right here you see, I’ve even processed it digitally!”

“How a bout a man fencing?”

“Wow, you’re imagination has hit the extreme, far beyond my wildest dream! Give me something new, something that will take consideration and require my own creation! Take a few minutes” I implore, curious for what’s in store.

“How about a crocodile, jumping from a plane drinking beer, is that enough tickle your ear?

“Ooh yes, that sounds quite fantastic!” I reply feeling quite ecstatic, this take is interesting, an opportunity for testing what I can do.




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