A poem a day?

So I had the ambition to write a poem a day for the month of May. This could perhaps be unrealistic with study and exams consuming much of my time, but this could provide a nice distraction from those as well so I might as well try! It’s likely a lot of these will short and written quickly without too much thought and just whatever is on my mind day to day – expect a lot of similar ideas, cause well screw it, I am not that imaginative?

The first day of summer,
so bright and pleasant.
A feeling for the beach,
For bathing and for rest.
Why can’t it be raining
and windy instead?
The delightful weather
belies the dread.

Pathetic fallacy,
it’s not present here.
Unless it’s ironic,
laughing down upon me.
Is it serving it’s own purpose?
Or does it only serve other’s?
It’s tired of us writers
taken a hold of its own rudder.

Perhaps it views me differently,
as one not born to words.
Numbers so often my language,
not nearly as mighty as swords.

It sees me as an impostor,
a spy hiding in plain sight.
it doesn’t trust my verses,
not a single word I write.

So here’s to pathetic fallacy,
A special one just for you.
You’ve caught me, I’m done,
01100010 01111001 01100101.


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