The vibrant end to Spring

I said that it was summer
but it really quite isn’t.
Leaves are still just sprouting
young animals yet to be born.

This really feels like Spring,
a time for life and growth.
A time for light and brightness
of colour, without silence.

Activity is all around,
above the tree-tops
beneath the ground.
The constant noise won’t stop
a harmony of sounds.

It begins in the darkness,
the early birds all rise,
some to catch the worm,
some for love and loving,
others to care for offspring
and more to ward off prey.

A butterfly flutters by,
the most intricate of patterns.
A bumblebee drunk on nectar,
stumbles in it’s flight.

It’s not just in the daylight,
With dusk a world awakes.
The cunning fox, its bushy tail,
Flitting from place to place.
Sneaking through the gardens,
Mischief on its face.

A time of such activity,
movements and extra efforts,
hidden to the heedless,
magical to those who see.
This time of year is endless.
The time of year to be.

In my mind it’s still Spring.
The stunning sights of May.
There’s far too much for summer,
No sign of lazy days.


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