An evening run

Sun setting to this fine day,
On an evening run I find myself.
Training cancelled – victim to exams,
A different excursion I require.
An exertion of my legs, what I desire.

A fast one today,
Fired up and inspired.
Up hills and down,
Through alleys, round corners,
A break at halfway
To admire the colours.

This vast body of water,
Where river meets sea.
Right now it’s quite low,
The tides fully out.
I can see the riverbed,
Green seaweed and silt,
A ruined old bicycle,
a small group of fish.

In the fading sun I sit,
Heart pounding but relaxing
A yacht sails slowly upriver,
Off the riverbed legs dangling.

A strong headwind is blowing
against the flow causing ripples.
With the orange sun
The water dancing
Each ripple glistens.

The journey back is longer,
A lap of the pond to see more.
Swans float
While Mallard ducks swim.
Just hoping I might have
A sighting of a Terrapin.

A few quick sprints
to quicken pace,
Going at speeds
As if in a race.
With the last few minutes
My muscles ache.
Tiring and sore
But feeling awake.

Feet pounding
Through the final few yards.
With a orange-pink sky
As the sun departs.


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