To wish upon a duck

Dandelion seed,
Have you come to play,
Will I make a wish now,
Will I blow you away?
Should I save it for longer,
Should I really delay?
Should I horde you for later,
For a rainy day?

A wish for happiness,
A wish for luck?
Nah! Forget that!
I wish for a duck!

One that is funny,
with humour, great craic.
A duck to entertain
with a very loud quack!

“But your wish!
Wow such a waste!”

“Well no my friend,
You just have poor taste!”

Wishes are dangerous!
“But you could wish for money!”

“But with money comes burdens,
I’d rather wish for honey!
It’s sweetness and texture,
To predict a wish is conjecture.

But with honey it’s simpler,
A duck is more fun still,
A wish too complex
Could end with your will!”

I’d contemplated love,
and wishing for others,
for friends and for family,
even for my brothers!

I settled on a duck,
A flightful companion,
To waddle and waddle,
Something completely random.

Dandelion seed,
Float by sometime again,
See where your wish went
Will you grant me another ten!


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