Damn that dream!

I wish I had not dreamt
That I had kissed you.
This wish I wish,
I wish were true.

It was a little weird,
But not erotic,
These thoughts arisen
Too hard to kick.
I knew I had feelings
Some I even pursued.
The dream has them doubled
Those feelings renewed.

It was so vivid,
you hinted at more.
But just like in waking,
My actions restrained,
I had left things too long,
Why had I waited?

I wish I did not,
dream of that kiss.
In wandering thought,
I see your face,
Your different expressions,
Your peculiar grace.

Feelings are challenging,
They come and go,
With each passing day,
With t’s to and fro.
So often with foundations
From real experiences,
These feeling are strengthened
With unconscious dreamings.


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