Tick-tock, time almost ran out!

21 minutes,
Before it’s too late.
I must rush now,
So that I make the date.

It’s now twenty minutes
and probably some seconds.
I really must hurry,
as midnight beckons.

the sound in my mind,
as I try to find words
to finish this line.

It’s now nineteen minutes,
I’m not quite as worried,
My words aren’t too slow,
I’m not quite as hurried.

Slight bit of panic,
As another ticks by,
Oh crap there’s a message,
In need of a reply.

I’ve probably enough,
to meet this deadline,
With another fifteen minutes,
I could drink some more wine!

I mean it wouldn’t be bad,
To continue the streak,
Just another two days,
and that would make a week!

A week of nights out,
and far too much drinking.
It’s surprising that I’ve had
All this time for thinking.

Crap, I’ve gone off-topic,
And with that a clock-tick,
I best finish with a kick
And finish this quick!

Ten minutes left,
Home just in time
Its fun to use the word rhyme,
To make another rhyme!

Training invigorates,
And tends to inspire,
To finish this poem,
is my current desire.

It almost ruined me,
Caught me off guard,
But I’m nearing the end,
Approaching the last yard.

A knock knock joke,
then another and another,
With some about cows,
With the milk from their udder.

Then it got darker,
The best jokes can be..
But some of those are
Far too risky!

At least I got the chance,
To say farewell!
Goodbye to a friend,
Whose given us hell!

Of course in a good way,
Probably the best,
A way that we love
With the hearts in our chest!



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