With the embers, you share.

With the smoldering embers,
Escape from your despair,
As the resultant smoke
snakes high through the air.

Words desperately hidden
From the ones that you care,
Some tears they have ridden
Never easy to share.

These words are written,
afraid to know,
of all the seeds
these words might sow.

Doused in water
Like the running of tears,
These words they comfort,
Relieving the fears,

The inks escapes,
With the water it runs,
The paper decays,
The writing undone.

But that’s not enough,
Then into the hearth!
The paper to ashes,
Returned to the earth.

You think that you’re done,
That your words are hidden,
But of course they’re┬ánot,
It’s only you that your kiddin’!

With the ink in the water,
Your memories faint,
Returned to the sea,
Back to Neptune’s daughter,
With the fish they acquaint,
Your words will always be.

The smokes carries more,
The memory of paper,
The imprints of your
Thoughts, imprints of wonder.

They drift in the wind
Through the treetops
With it’s swirls
Where air’s thinned,
The drift never stops,
Shared with the whole world.


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