In The Dragon’s Gloom

Uncertain of what’s to come,
Careful eyes watch out,
Wary of the searing flames,
Which burst from dragon’s snout.

Is it time to take a stand?
To tame this fearsome beast.
The actions that make a man,
To bring this world its peace.

Perhaps its too soon,
Is the dragon still too strong?
To grow in strength and train,
To bide time till it’s not wrong.

Is the time ever right?
Is it always time to fight?
The dragon too could grow,
And with it death will show,
Flame showering from flight,
With terror all will know,
The horror of this plight,
Rivers of blood which flow.

It has to start somewhere,
It has to start sometime.
What better place then here,
What better place than now?

With sword in sheath
and shield in hand.
To slit dragon’s throat,
What all demand.

A shrieking roar,
A sickening sound,
In the dark of the cave,
the echoes resound.

It definitely too soon,
But chance must not wait,
The dragon must be slain
Before it’s too late.



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