So yeah, One week to go!

Many of these poems,
Happen to revolve round themselves,
This month I’ve been writing,
As it’s coming to its end.
Look for some topics,
Once that could be exciting.

Half I will start,
With no thought in mind
Hoping for a spark,
An idea to alight.

It’s often with rhyming
That something will stir,
Just matching the words,
Results in a spur,
And  with that they come
In a rush, in a whir.

But not quite today,
Devoid of much thought,
I was promised sun,
Dullness all that’s been brought.

I must apologise,
It’s not up to scratch,
Not even original
To this month of writing.
But the few I have planned,
It’s rather exciting!

Just six days to go,
To finish my goal.
A month full of poems,
Enough for a show.
Written from the soul,
From where my mind roams.


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