The dragon’s requiem

I hear them plotting,
With fear in hiding,
To wait or end it,
I’m having trouble deciding.

They think it’s me
Who causes the trouble,
Who takes these lives,
It’s by their own actions,
This is brought on themselves.

I’m vengeance incarnate,
Free of all restrictions,
They’ve ruined my life,
With their holy inscriptions.

Pushed to extinction,
Our species not even the first,
They’ve tracked us all done,
And done their worst.
The ‘holiest’ of wars,
To kill all the cursed…
Not all of their blood, and all of their
Bones will quench my thirst.

I can hear them plotting…
Quiet like mice,
Planning my end..
Like little lice…
Just a minor annoyance,
Their weapons but tickles,
Upon my flamboyance.

No more harm,
To all the living,
The birds that tweet,
Nor the fluffy sheep.

They killed my wife,
And so ended my life,
My final mission,
To end their existence.

All they cause is destruction,
A world of pain,
In their waking path,
just burnt remains.

Their towering structures
And glittering toys,
Stolen from the earth
All the life they detstroyed,
Time’s past for rebirth,
The dragon’s they’ve annoyed.

Dug far far too deep,
Woken us from our slumber,
But with each of they’ve killed,
they’re grow numbered.

The cause of their own doom,
We were the curators of the planet,
I’m the only remaining,
The harbinger of their death.

Technology to ashes,
We’ve fought our fight,
But to rest of the world
We will bring light.

To remove this scourge,
Return natural order,
From our flames and our anger,
Remove every border
Let nature roam free.

I can hear them plotting..
I can hear them plotting.


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