Wasted chances

I can’t explain my movements,
My desires, my lack of actions.
Each time I don’t say what I mean,
I blame it on some minor distractions.

Life is continuous and flowing and free,
Remembered in fleeting moments,
In actions you’ve made and haven’t,
Some you will cherish and  others regret.

I’ve meant to say I really like you, 
Meant to tell you you’re funny and great.
I’ve meant to say so much more,
To go as far as asking you out on a date.

I pretend I haven’t had opportunities.
That the time has never been right.
I worry you’ll say no.
That you’ll no longer bring me delight.

But I have had the chance.
Talking, just you and I.
Departing with one final glance,
A rushed goodbye.

I can’t tell if you like me,
I’ll only find out if I actually ask,
Just to utter a few simple words,
I’ve made into some impossible task.


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