Not one to forget

In the dark of a Friday I first met you,
in the twilight hours pushing to the next
you arrived, half hidden, half hiding
beneath your jacket and scarf.

I couldn’t judge, you seemed older,
more mature than the others, there was something
something different.
a mystique, a  grace of movement,
yet you weren’t out of place,
if there was ever someone who stuck out more,
you never were, you never are.

This night amongst friends when I learnt your name
it would be weeks before I used it.
I didn’t know then who you were,
Didn’t know if I would see you again
Didn’t even come to think of it.
The music blaring and activity of the night,
We didn’t even talk, though we might have danced!

You appeared again, quiet and to your self,
Shy with many you didn’t know, yet vocal with the few you did.
I remembered your name, but still got it wrong,
you laughed, you always do, taking joy like very few.
That night I got to know you,
Of your craziness and smiles and deeper thought.

I got to think you didn’t belong in this world,
It took me time to realize just how much you do,
So much more than lots of others,
Seeing more, feeling more than in plain sight.
This is a place you understand, in knowing
There is no understanding,
To understand is to embrace what’s around you.
Eyes full of wonderment,
So often in some daze,
Perhaps you have your own world.

Then with a dream I kissed you,
Mind was suddenly full,
Still one I barely know but
with thoughts my heart raced,
butterflies filling stomach to an ache.
But with a few hours they subsided,
This wasn’t to be our fate.

With time as I grew to know you,
With few talks and activities,
Splashing midnight puddles,
Drenched cold, but forgotten with laughter,
At the bus stop that we smashed
Bidding welcome to the coming year.

I look forward to your returns,
Or perhaps somewhere else our paths will cross,
I’m sorry I don’t say I miss you,
Or ask you how you’ve been,
Exploring the world through fun and love,
I can’t imagine all you’ve seen!

I guess in someways it makes things easier,
I’m not the best for keeping up,
Just to know your safe and that your happy,
For me is more than enough.

Even half a world apart,
You’re not one that I’ll forget,
When lashing rain and soaking wet,
When I should filled with pain and regret,
I think of jumping puddles, with you
Beneath the stars.



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