Life gives it’s own meaning

Music, it reminds you,
Brings back feelings and memories,
Transports you,
To a different time and place,
Comforts in its beauty,
A shoulder to lean and cry on,
To inspire, to change,
To distract and give meaning.

I can’t listen without thinking,
This song, this album,
It has it’s own meaning,
But I’ve given it yours.
A constant reminder,
Etched in memory with’s listening,
A flowing tribute that I won’t forget.

“It might be over soon”
So telling and true,
It’s with that line,
Which I think of you,
The sombre piano
Backing the feelings which rise.

I don’t think you would have liked it,
But this is my reminder,
It’s not one that I could choose.

The ceremony was better this time.
It’s still so alien to me,
How we say goodbye,
We all have our own way
But collectively is wrong,
Filled with anger, I wanted to cry-
cry out! Stop!

“And they now rise to lord,
To his warmth and to his love”

“May the lord have mercy”
Lord have mercy

“Christ have mercy”
Christ have mercy

A remembrance,
A farewell..
Yet we praise him,
He who takes,
Mentioned more than you
A ceremony to him,
As always.

But it was better this time,
Though I could have done without him.
We remembered you,
In song and prayer,
In stories told
and tears shed.

You probably wouldn’t have liked them,
These songs which I remember you.
But their mine to listen,
Not ones I chose for you,
they chose themselves.

At the ceremony,
It was prettier,
you would have liked it,
A beautiful rendition
of “You are mine”.

Music helps remember,
It’s telling words so true.
Forever I’ll remember you,
“It might be over soon”


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