So the month concludes

So with this day,
Comes the end of the month,
This month full poems,
To conclude my year.

A way to distract.
From my ambitions
To not retract
To create,
To express,
To explore.

A year of so much,
Of stress, Of desire,
A year of discovery
Finding friends to admire.

A year with uncertainty,
with loss and with sadness,
But also such wonder,
Life thrown asunder,
With a stream of experiences,
Never to have been expected.

Time always too short,
To my friends I’ve grown distant,
I miss you, I’m sorry,
I didn’t think we’d be apart.
I should have known from the start.

But you’ve kept me strong,
To know I will see you again,
To know that we will laugh,
And talk and joke.

I’ve learnt so much more,
Of the new friends I’ve made,
You’re just as fantastic,
A well of surprises,
Of help and brilliance.

With it’s end closing in,
I reflect on what has been,
This year’s been tough,
At times exhausting,
But I’m prone to exaggerate,
I will look back
And think it was great!

With the end of the month,
So closes my writing,
An exercise of intrigue,
And To test myself as well,
How will I make the world be,
After I turn twenty-three?


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