Do you remember?

Remember the chasing,
Playing in the yard.
The stupid fights,
The time you hit hard.

Throwing stones,
At passing cars,
Our infrequent meetings,
In late night bars.

We used always compete,
Were we three or two?
A test of abilities,
It was usually you.

Mostly just memories,
Inseparable for years.
But with time comes distance,
I guess there were tears.

Remember that summer,
When everything changed.
We ended up.. closer?
But more so estranged.

Both of us misfits,
Out of need more than want.
We were never quite right,
Alas our friendship grew gaunt.

In ways we were both trapped,
You inside, me out.
Too different from the start,
It had to end with your shout.

Remember our games,
My excuse to meet up,
But this was most fleeting,
We’d say little more than ‘sup’.

I guess you didn’t know,
It was really just me,
Filled with uncertainty,
It was never to be.

Remembering a time,
Trying to find where to go.
I got lost even further,
Too busy to know.
My body betrayed me,
Filling me with woe.

Remember at first,
Both members of the team.
Throwing and running,
And hearing her scream!

At first I had long hair,
You copied me soon..
Reunited years later,
In maths, I your boon.

Stuck together for too long,
A partnership of sorts…
Me whooping your ass,
Each time we play the courts.

Remember calling me nice,
Eventually departing with a hug?
I didn’t know then I would love you,
Your friendship an addictive drug.

Our fun little wars,
Saving each picture we sent.
Both dangerous and exciting,
We always knew what we meant.

We promised to travel,
Across Europe and the World..
I don’t think it will happen together,
Those plans have since furled.

Do you remember,
These moments that flew..
Do you remember?
I know I do.


2 thoughts on “Do you remember?

Add yours

  1. Nice Blog, I love the name of it. Its creative.
    This was a nice poem.
    I don’t mean to sound like the grammar police but… on the 9th line its missing the word ‘to,’ unless you intended it to be that way.
    Otherwise I look forward to what you would write. BTW, how did you come up with name of the blog? Is there a backstory… just curious.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Didn’t check my notifications for a while sorry for delay in response!

      Thanks you for the compliments!

      The 9th line is just how I would say it in person, poetic license as you will 😉 It could be just how we speak here, used and used to can sort of blend in to one.. Imagine saying used with a hard sounding d, (almost like saying boost with the b).

      The name for the blog just came to me after a good while of deliberating between what to actually call the blog.. I suppose it was just a play on a popular saying which I felt was appropriate.
      My first blog post goes into details of my thought process in coming up with a name, though this one isn’t a poem. Here is the link if you want to read it: (it’s a bit longer)


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