A flurry of feathers

From the darkening sky,
The furious goose descends.
“Today the boy dies,
It’s today his life ends”
The angry goose proclaims,
With a ruffling of his feathers,
An explanation of his aims.

I hear his proclamations,
Well in fact I just hear honks,
See wild movements of frustration,
To the floor tired he plonks.
His wishes unclear..
He cant speak human you see,
But through anger he raises fear.

Hours later the goose awakes,
In an unknown location.
His entire body aches
Yet he yearns for his vocation.
“Today the boy dies.
He done too much damage,
I’ll first take his eyes”

This goose is completely out of it,
His rapid flapping and vehemence.
I can tell that he won’t quit,
Wonder who will feel his vengeance.
He means to do damage,
To hurt or even kill,
He seems a complete savage.

“I much choose where I will track”
The goose traces his map.
“Then plan my attack
Just as the boy takes a nap!”
A route drawn out,
A pathway of danger,
An end to his doubt.

The goose finally notices me,
Well I’ve realised he’s a gander.
He wants to escape, he sees,
It’s to my wishes he must pander.
He lays me a golden egg…
I didn’t know that was possible..
But it is his way to beg.

Can this human not understand?
I have a fate I must fulfill.
With this egg I’ve the upperhand,
I’ve satisfied his will.
It’s time I take my flight.
Escape this lowly human,
And bring finality to my plight.

The goose rises up in a hurry,
All energetic and bold.
Escapes the window in a flurry,
And leaves me with his gold.
I’m left lost and uncertain,
As I view with a glance,
He’s flown towards to mountain.

My task nearly done,
That boy within reach.
I’ll show him my gun,
A hard lesson I will teach.
I just wanted bread,
Don’t tease me with lettuce,
Cause soon you’ll be dead.

I finally catch sight,
He’s there in the yard.
I’ll start with a bite,
No mere nibble but one hard.
A little taste of meat,
It’s better than salad,
But I still prefer wheat.

My foe quickly diminished,
I’ve taken his head.
In no time I am finished,
Leaving a message in my stead.
“This mere child provoked us,
Don’t mess with the Flocka,
Or we’ll cause you a fuss.”

A few days went by
Before I heard any news.
“A demon descended from sky,
And paid a poor child his dues”
It must be that goose,
The one who I cared for;
Who provided the noose.

I don’t know how to feel,
Am I an accomplice?
Did I make some deal,
What did I accomplish?
I think I’m at fault,
I helped the mad creature,
And have his egg in my vault.

Soon a letter arrives,
With a gold wing stamp.
It says I’ll remain alive,
And that I’m a real champ.
To watch my clock’as
We’ll soon arrive…
Welcome to the Flockas.


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