Would I have guessed?

If I had predicted

Had tried to foresee,

One year ago how

Where now I’d be..

The high and lows,

Tough and good,

I wouldn’t have guessed,

The places I’ve stood.

The feelings I’ve felt,

The one’s right now I feel..

A year ago now,

I would have tried to steal.

This unknowing nervousness,

Of what could come to be,

I couldn’t see myself in a position,

I wouldn’t believe it is me.

The things I’ve said,

And things I’ve done.

I wouldn’t believe the pain,

But even less so the fun.

A year from hence,

I’m even less certain.

But to predict the future

On yourself puts burden.

So I won’t try to guess,

Leave the pressures be,

Let life be life,

And see how it comes to me.


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